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Stages|Water Tank|Greenscreen |Production Offices |  Backlot

The property has a separate parcel of land available of over 6.5 acres (25,000 m2) ideal (and zoned) for a variety of commercial development possibilities, has easy access to Prague and its airport via freeway of which the last few miles to the property are currently under construction.
This freeway when completed will be  the main freeway running from central Europe right through to Italy.

This land can be purchased separately aside from the Studio facilities

When the last few miles of the freeway are completed, all adjacent property prices will be much higher. Now is the ideal time to purchase

The film studio with its 5 sound stages and easy access to Prague has  meter thick walls which are a natural sound barrier ideally suited to constant temperature and for production as you can stage pryo explosions and stunts inside of the sound stages. This is a unique and rare feature of this studio, enabling the possibility to shoot a dramatic scene on one stage while simultaneously staging a pyro explosion with stunts on another stage.

- The main studio building is over 50,000 square feet (4700 square meters) with 5 shooting stages and 12m x 8m x 7m GREENSCREEN

- A,B,C  stages are equal in size of 8700 square feet each  (800 m2), (28 x 29 meters)

- D stage  measuring 6700 square feet (620 m2) includes additional offices above stage area

- Clearspan ceiling height over 25 feet (7.5 m)

- E stage shooting corridor is 4400 square feet (405 m2  at 90 x 5 m) has direct vehicle access to sound stages

- Large Power grid more then capable of supplying all stages simultaneously as well as powering ancillary areas.

- Full safety features on each stage

- Property workshop and storage facilities and warehouse

- Portable Heated Water Tank with Optical Glass of 6900 gallons (26,000 litres) with water overflow trough to each stage for water sets and stunts

- Large Parking area behind Studio for crew parking and large support vehicles with ample space just outside main stages for various cast trailers, and peripheral support vehicles.

- There is a separate production office building (not shown on this diagram) with catering facilitieslunchroom, showers, bathrooms, makeup, wardrobe, camera roomcast room, various production offices, studio manager office, and a separate small security building, and adjacent land parcel of 6.5 acres  (25,000 m2) for further sets building.

- Nearby accessible  360 degree Clearspan Backlot

The Property can be purchased as a fully functioning  Turn Key Movie Studio including the adjacent land property or it can be purchased as just the Film Studio facility itself. As the owners are planning to relocate, they are most motivated towards finalizing a Sale of the Entire Property

All Long Term Lease Offers for the Studio together with its support buildings will definitely be considered.

The Entire property can be redeveloped to a variety of usage and is zoned for light commercial use or could be returned to agricultural usage.

Being located outside the Prague district perimeter, there are possibilities of a number of EU  grants and or loan incentives for development and or redevelopment.

The highway from Prague  is currently taking approximately 25 minutes commute from Prague (which is much faster then travelling from one side to the other of Prague at any given hour of the day) Currently under construction and to be completed shortly are the final few miles of fully divided freeway all the way  to and will then also be the studio property. This is the main major freeway running through central Europe through to Italy.

When the final portion of the freeway is completed, all properties adjacent to this freeway will be increasing significantly in value. Now is the ideal time to consider purchasing.

         zoned for Light Manufacturing

possible usage as: