Put your money on the screen, the increased production value with the cost saving on your budgetary bottom line can be further enhanced by Czech  20 percent tax credits and other EU grants and support.





The studios are located adjacent to pristine landscapes, a multitude of exquisite castles and chateaus plus a large number of other prominent Czech historic landmarks.

Modern big city architecture requirements are easily found also. Shooting locations are endless.

Whether you need to stage a modern day drama, a Roman battle or a medieval horror, or a futuristic Scifi, it's all possible. 

Ideal for shooting all film genres and TV commercial production

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With usage of the studio sound stages and the backlot access to unique and pristine 360 degree CLEARSPAN field  and forests, your film can go everywhere,

throughout all time periods, filming locations are easily accessible to Prague and the movie studio.

What genre do you wish to shoot

Where do you want to take your film today

There is an abundance of  talented and experienced film crew in the Czech Republic,  available at reasonable rates who can readily adapt to any size of production.

The studio can accommodate any size of production, large or small with over 50,000 square feet (app. 4800 meters2)  of sound stages

One of the unique  and especially attractive features is the meter thick walls that allow for staging  interior  pyro and explosions.

Each stage is fully equipped for safety and each stage accessing a huge power grid.
5 separate stages, Stages A,B,and C are identical in size each app. 8700 square feet (800 m2), (28 x 29 meters) 

Stage D at 6700 square feet( 620m2)  includes additional ancillary offices above the stage and storage.

Stage E  is 4400 square feet (405 m2) ( 90 x 5 m) shooting corridor with direct exterior truck and vehicle access from corridor into other stages
There is a separate adjacent Production Office building with showers, catering facilities, lunch room, support offices , Property workshop.

The studio has a large portable heated water tank with optical glass 6900 gallons (26,000 litres) that can be easily re dressed, SFX via large green screens that can be moved to the other stages. The essential ancillary offices are in adjacent building including wardrobe, makeup rooms, catering facilities, props rooms, production offices, and in front and in the back are huge parking areas to accommodate all ancillary vehicles and crew parking. Within a 5 minute walk, you can find modern ample modern comfortable accommodation for crew.

We established the studio in 1994, and with our long term service partners can assist you with all recommendations needed to ensure a smooth transition of ownership or lease and that  your production will always be

on time and on budget.